Encountering Jesus

As we pursue wholeheartedness, it is imperative to realize that unless Jesus is central in our study, devotion, and discipleship we will likely be unmotivated and disenfranchised in a very short period of time, entrenched in a life of boredom and compromise. The reason will not be because we were unwilling to pursue wholeheartedness, but rather we were attempting to live a radical expression of Christianity devoid of Christ. We will seek to embrace a Biblical, sacrificial lifestyle apart from a preoccupation with the Beautiful One. We must encounter Jesus!!

Maturing Disciples

Mature disciples of Jesus Christ embrace all of who He is, regardless of personal offense or cost. We must not ignore certain passages of Scripture or aspects of who God is in order to maintain a comfortable and safe lifestyle.

Impacting Culture

To sinners Jesus said, “Come,” to saints He said, “Go.” God works in us to work through us. We must fulfill the Great Commission and touch every sphere of society. We are the light of the world and cannot hide or be ashamed of His presence.